West Africa tour

Découvrez l'Afrique de l\\\'ouest en 10 étapes

Tour Detail & Statistics

Start Date:
01 Jan 2022 12:00 (UTC)
End Date:
27 Dec 2023 23:59 (UTC)
Legs Flown In Order:
Minimum Rank:
Completion Award:
Completion Bonus XP:
Total Legs:
Time to Complete (Average all pilots):
3 days
1st To Complete:
VRE090 - Pierre RUSTOM
Completed By:
1 pilot(s)

Tour Legs

# Depart Arrive Flight Number Aircraft Completed
1 DIAP GLRB Any Any View
2 GLRB GUCY Any Any View
3 GUCY GOBD Any Any View
4 GOBD GABS Any Any View
5 GABS DFFD Any Any View
6 DFFD DNAA Any Any View
7 DNAA FTTJ Any Any View
8 FTTJ FKYS Any Any View
9 FKYS DNMM Any Any View
10 DNMM DIAP Any Any View

Tour History

Callsign Name Progress Legs Complete Start Date Last Flown Completion Date Time (days)
VRE090 Pierre
10 04 Aug 2022 07 Aug 2022 07 Aug 2022 3