Cost Index of the Company

posted by Portelas Michael on 2019-08-01

Dear Drivers,
The Cost Index is a comparison element for a given trip, plane and company. It is also a parameter of the flight management system (FMS) to optimize the trajectory of an aircraft by focusing either on fuel savings or reducing loads.

An airline has an interest in minimizing the cost of operating its lines. Many factors add up, including fuel used, wages, maintenance, etc. These factors are not independent since the consumption is directly proportional to the speed while the expenses of wages and maintenance are directly proportional to the number of hours of flight carried out.

So here are the values ​​that you must attribute to your flights in our company

Flight Shuttle (domestic flight -1h): CI-150 (250 if late on your flight time).
Flight Courier course (national -2h): CI-80
Flight Average Courier (> = 2h): CI-50
Long-haul flight (> 1300nm): CI-30